National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Area 7. Support of the vulnerable groups

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Area 7. Support of the vulnerable groups

  • According to the considerations that have been made, in addition to the comprehensive approach of the National Strategy for Reduction of Poverty and Social Exclusion 2010 to 2020, the revised National Strategy should also consider the different specific characteristics of the different vulnerable groups. This will help express the specific needs of the different vulnerable groups and the type of support they require, as well as with the harmonization with the EU 2020 Strategy which will, in turn, bring the measures closer to the beneficiaries, i.e. the socially excluded persons.

  • Although the previous sections of the strategy start by looking at the area where social exclusion and poverty have been identified, this section starts by looking and the vulnerable groups and their specific needs and requirements for change.

  • This helps cross reference the phenomena, and although, at first there seem to be some repetitions, this in fact provides a comprehensive representation of the necessary measures, policies and resources needed to resolve poverty and social exclusion.

  • During the preparation of the National Strategy it was identified that the Roma and their everyday problems have been indicated as a priority that requires the creation and implementation of specific local and national policies. In addition, another particularly vulnerable category includes the disabled people. The nongovernmental sector in this country is especially active in improving their situation. In addition there are initiatives that receive support from foreign funds as well an institutional support from the state or the municipalities. Also, the other vulnerable categories of citizens have been analyzed and specific measures and activities have been proposed to improve their situation.

  • The vulnerable categories of citizens considered in this strategy and especially analyzed in this section are: Roma, minorities, unemployed people, disabled people, old and decrepit people, children at risk, women, users of drugs and psychotropic substances, homeless persons, young persons, single parents, chronically ill people and people with malignant conditions and victims of human trafficking and prostitution.

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