National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

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Goals and objectives
The main strategic goal for reducing poverty and social exclusion in the Republic of Macedonia is:
Reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the Republic of Macedonia through better use and strengthening of the available human and material resources, improving the living, working and social conditions of all citizens, systemic and institutional synergies with a view of faster development, higher standard, better quality of life, and developing of social inclusion mechanisms for the vulnerable categories of people in a local context.
Strategic objectives
1. Improve the conditions and opportunities for employment, strengthen the entrepreneurship and reduce unemployment, especially of the vulnerable categories, improve the standard of living and strengthen social cohesion.

2. Provide for a full coverage of students in primary and secondary education, raise the level of literacy and the level of education of the citizens, provide education for vulnerable groups and adapt the education system to the labor market, strengthen the potential of the market to engage the working population at all levels.

3. Form a system of social protection for the poorest citizens, provide access to institutional and other forms of protection and strengthen the capacities of the system of social protection and child protection, as well as form a new social model and concept oriented around the individual and his/her needs.

4. Promote the access to and the quality of healthcare for the socially excluded groups, as well as the access to good quality services for the socially vulnerable and excluded groups, in accordance with the standards and practices of the EU.

5. Reduce the inequalities in the provision of transport and access to the transport system itself, as well as increase the quality of services. Achieve an information society for all, i.e. broad and effective participation in the community with the aid of information and communication technologies for the categories deemed as socially excluded in that area. Achieve standardized and harmonious housing conditions for the categories of citizens deemed to be socially excluded in the area of housing.

6. Strengthen the role of the local governments in addressing poverty and social disadvantages; create capacities and resources with a view of building social cohesion.

7. Develop mechanisms for reducing poverty and social exclusion of the vulnerable categories of citizens, with specific measures and activities.

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