National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Result 4: Provision of adequate healthcare to the vulnerable groups of people

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Result 4: Provision of adequate healthcare to the vulnerable groups of people:

  1. Providing physical and service accessibility to the healthcare institutions for people with various disabilities (physical disabilities, people with challenged hearing or sight, etc.).

  2. Identify measures to promote the availability of the healthcare services in rural areas.

  3. Strengthening of the system of patronage visits to families, especial in the rural and Roma communities, adequate implementation of the healthcare patronage activities as a prerequisite for providing good quality healthcare to children,to pregnant women during pregnancy and immediately after delivery.

  4. Introduction of Roma health mediators in the communities where such a need has been identified (in accordance with the health statistics), according to the defined professional profile, working tasks and scope of the field activities to be performed by an RHM. Employment of the RHMs in the health system starting with 15 RHMs in the first year, and gradually increasing their number in the subsequent years until the population is adequately covered with healthcare services and RHMs.

  5. Development of a register of civil society organizations that work in the sphere of health policies and healthcare.

  6. Implementation of measures to improve the accessibility to health services and to medicines from the positive list of medicines, by reducing the maximum amount of the copayment that the insured persons have to pay.

  7. Introducing foster home housing of persons with chronic mental illnesses and centers for prevention and treatment of LID.

  8. Strengthening of institutional capacities by creating trained staff to provide adequate healthcare to vulnerable groups (children and adolescents, women, Roma, persons with mental disorders, disabled persons, persons living with HIV/AIDSand persons that have not used their right to health insurance).
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