National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

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Strategic objective

  • Promote the access to and the quality of the healthcare services for the socially excluded groups, as well as the access to good quality services for long term care for the socially vulnerable and excluded groups, in accordance with the standards and the practices of the EU.

  • Results

  • The following results need to be achieved in order to accomplish this objective:

    1. Effectuation of the rights of patients;

    2. Elimination of the inequalities in healthcare and provision of an equal access to healthcare;

    3. Improvement of the standards and the quality of healthcare (further investments in space, equipment, staff);

    4. Provision of adequate healthcare to the vulnerable groups of people;

    5. Promotion of the access to healthcare for people without health insurance or appropriate personal documentation;

    6. Creation of conditions for equal access to services for long term care by creating legal frameworks and an assessment of the needs of the users;

    7. Improve the physical and infrastructure conditions for long term care and the educational level of the professional staff in the institutions providing long term care, in accordance with the national and European standards;

    8. Increased access to services for long term care, through an efficient decentralization of these services and promotion of public – private partnerships and creation of a system that will facilitate standardization and training of staff for long term care;

    9. Promotion and strengthening of the long term care provided outside of institutions and promoting the right to choose, through public campaigns, as well as creation of a sustainable financial system with measures that will secure reliable funding for the sustainability of the long term care model.
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