National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Result 4: Protection of the children from socially excluded family and children at risk

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Result 4: Protection of the children from socially excluded family and children at risk

  1. Implementing a program for providing information and education, especially to the Roma population, with respect to registering new births and provision of the necessary documentation for the newborns.

  2. Continuous activities for registering all unregistered children and providing the necessary assistance in the procedure for registration in the register of newborns (as well as tracking their parents).

  3. Intersectoral cooperation with respect to promoting the protection of children and adopting intersectoral cooperation protocols which will clearly define the obligations and the types of cooperation with the participants.

  4. Design inclusion programs focusing on street children and institutionalize children.

  5. Formation of special measures for protection and treatment of children victims of family and sexual violence;

  6. Support the opening of day centers for school age children and introducing a new profile for social workers, i.e. field social workers (such a profile has been introduce in the capital and provides good results).

  7. Regulate the protection of children in fostering families, by improving their abilities through continuous education, supervision, evaluation and monitoring of these families, with a special emphasis on families that foster disabled children.

  8. Reduce the number of documents required to receive monetary benefits and increase the level of the benefits envisioned in the Law on Social Protection and the Law on Protection of Children.

  9. Consider the possibility of making the child be the holder of the child allowance benefit, instead of one of the parents.

  10. Introduce legal provisions that will enable parents who are unemployed, i.e. register in the Employment Agency, benefit from the child allowance benefit as a guaranteed income for the children in such families.

  11. The child allowance benefit should be also provided to families that receive social assistance.
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