National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Result 3. Strengthening of the social protection system

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Result 3. Strengthening of the social protection system

  1. Development of the profile of a patrol social worker whose responsibility will focus on improving the position of individuals and their families in the field, particularly in the urban and rural poverty quarters.

  2. Building of capacities based on competence and expertize should be the core method of providing appropriate staff for the state administration institutions on local and national level.

  3. Employment of social workers in the psychological and pedagogical department of primary and secondary schools (this activity was envision with the changes to the Law on Primary Education from August 2008, however it was not implemented in practice due to lack of finances).

  4. The legislation needs to be revised in order to identify and remove the restrictive legislative provisions that restrict the right to social protection and provision of assistance to single parents, especially mothers.

  5. Raising awareness about gender aspects and strengthening the capacities of the employment agencies as well as the social protection services.

  6. Implement mechanisms for designing a supervisory service that will assist the social institutions, i.e. prepare an appropriate methodology.

  7. Close cooperation with other governmental bodies involved in the process of service delivery (with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education) and building of a strategy and policies for development of partnership models between the nongovernmental sector and the state.
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