National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

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  • Result 1. Protection of the poorest citizens:

    1. Identification of the poverty line in the Republic of Macedonia, in accordance with the achieved level of economic development and the realistic capacities of the country;

    2. It is expected that the number of people that have not effectuated their right to receive a pension based on the number of years they have worked, will increase in the nearest future, primarily as a result of the long bankruptcy procedures and the irregular and inappropriate regulation of the obligation related to payment of pension contributions by employers before the introduction of the gross salary concept. Therefore we propose to include these old people in the social protection system and provide them with social financial assistance equal to the minimum subsistence level in the Republic of Macedonia.

    3. The existing modalities for protection of homeless persons should provide for premises for temporary admission of acutely sick homeless persons.

    4. The efforts of the country to actively include the single parents and the members of the different ethnic communities on the labor market should continue by developing affirmative action policies while complying with criteria for employing staff of sufficient quality.

    5. Revise and amend the legislative provisions which are somewhat restrictive with respect to providing social financial assistance to single parents.
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