National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

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Strategic objective

  • Establishment of a social protection system for the poorest citizens, provision of access to institutional and other forms of protection and strengthening of the capacities of the social protection system.

  • Protection of children and equal access to healthcare and education and informing the children about their rights.

  • Reduction of poverty and social depravity through the formation of a new social model and concept, oriented around the individual and his/her needs.

  • Results

  • The following results need to be achieved in order to accomplish the objectives related to social and children’s protection, reduction of poverty and social depravity:

      1. Protection of the poorest citizens;

      2. Provision of access to institutional and other forms of protection;

      3. Strengthening of the social protection system;

      4. Protection of the children from socially excluded family and children at risk;

      5. Protection of children that use or abuse drugs and other psychotropic substances and precursors;

      6. Improvement of healthcare and providing equal access to healthcare for all children;

      7. Informing the children about the Convention of the Rights of Children;

      8. Implementation of measures to support the socially disadvantaged;

      9. Formation of a new acceptable social model
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