National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Area 3: Social and child protection, construction of a new social model

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Area 3: Social and child protection, construction of a new social model

  • The objectives and the policies regarding social protection are considered among the most important priorities of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. Some of these measures are included in the system of social protection and these include elements of prevention, institutional protection and different types of social assistance and social protection. The policies and the commitments that the Government is implementing are specified in numerous strategic documents and operational programs which lead to change in accordance with the European guidelines. Other significant elements of this process are the international documents, conventions and recommendation such as the Strategy for Social Cohesion of the European Committee for Social Cohesion, the UN Millennium Developmental Goals with respect to the first developmental goal of poverty reduction and other recommendations implemented for the purpose of gradual harmonization with the legislation of the EU.

  • The children that live in poverty are exposed to a higher risk of social exclusion because the lack of resources usually limits their education and development opportunities and subsequently precludes them from participating in the economic, social and cultural and cultural life in their society.

  • All activities aimed at satisfying the material requirements of the people, facilitating their participation in society and the societal processes and the strengthening of the social unity, are the desired objectives of a social model of every country where social inclusion is a part of the processes for realization of a welfare state. The quality and the quantity of the inclusion do not depend only on the material level or the level of development of a given society, but also on the extent of acceptance and full realization of the social needs of the population.

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