National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Result 9: Reduction of the unregistered work force

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Result 9: Reduction of the unregistered work force.

  1. Establish incentives for full time employment (or part time employment),

  2. Regulate the labor of non-resident workers,

  3. Regulate the payment of average salaries and the longevity of the labor engagements,

  4. Continuous monitoring of the enforcement of the legislative provisions referring to non-reporting the work force.

  • Result 10: Improvement of the position of women on the labor market.

  1. Strengthen the activities in the area of prevention, by education and provision of information to the employed women about their rights.

  2. Continuous visits and creation of mechanisms for monitoring the implementation of the legislative provisions applicable in case of infringement of employee’s rights.

  3. Training of the labor inspectors on gender awareness.

  4. Reduction of the gender discrimination on the labor market (access to work and at the work place) and increase the level of enforcement of the legislative provisions referring to gender based discrimination.

  5. Greater efficiency regarding the enforcement of the provisions from the Law on Equal Opportunities for Women and Man.

  6. Incorporation of the gender concept in the education system and the system for providing children’s care.

  7. Promoting and strengthening of the gender equality mechanisms on the national and local level, by having a greater number of initiatives for reducing the risk of social exclusion of women, with a special emphasis on women from ethnic communities and women from rural areas, in cooperation with the nongovernmental sector.

  8. Promotion and application of the mechanisms for protection in cases on unequal treatment of women and man;

  9. Promotion of the legislation and the strategic documents in the area of gender equality, with a special emphasis on measures and policies for reducing the inequality in the treatment between the men and women and reducing the risk of social exclusion.

  • Prerequisites

  • The measures and activities in the area of employment which, to a certain extent, influence the mitigation of unemployment continue to be applicable and constitute a part of the need to improve the access to the labor market. This refers particularly to the active employment measures and programs which have yielded results in the past few years. In addition, the main challenges for the macroeconomic policy in the area of the labor market will arise from the following:

  • 1. The nominal (and real) convergence to the European Union and therefore the labor market access policies have to adapt and harmonize, in the early stages of coordination, with the policies of the European countries, in particular the guidelines stipulated in the EU 2020 Strategy,

  • 2. The national action priorities should be harmonized and should correspond to those identified in the EU 2020 Strategy with a view of maintaining employment, increase the labor force supply and modernize the social protection systems; improve the adaptability of the employees and the companies; and to increase the investments in human capital by improving the process of acquiring modern knowledge and skills, adapted to the needs of the domestic labor market.

  • 3. These European objectives have to be realized in accordance with the policies created and promoted on macroeconomic and systemic level in the Republic of Macedonia with a view of developed dynamism and higher economic and social performances.

  • The policies and measures aimed at increasing the employment and the flexibility of the labor market are the main priorities identified in the Work Program of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as in other strategic documents, and especially in the National Strategy for Employment of the Republic of Macedonia 2015 and the Operational Plan for the Active Employment Programs and Measures for the period 2012-2013.

  • The decentralization of the opportunities for employment by preparing local action plans for employment and continuous implementation of active programs and measures for employment targeted towards specific target groups (young people, long term unemployed, women, older people, vulnerable persons), became a necessity that has to be fulfilled. This especially applies to the employment of unemployed persons and socially excluded persons on national and on municipal level and on the level of individuals, as well as through strengthening of social entrepreneurship, which unleashes the forces and the potentials for engaging every individual for a more efficient, but also more cost effective state and social cohesion.

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