National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Result 8: Formation of an inclusive labor market

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Result 8: Formation of an inclusive labor market.

  1. Formation of an inclusive labor market through investments in human capital, with a view of adapting the knowledge and the skills to the modern digital requirements and knowledge.

  2. Development of active and preventive measures for the labor market, identification of the needs of the labor market, and providing support to the job seekers, as well as training and incentives to actively seek a job.

  3. Supporting personal initiatives to establish small and medium companies as the most vital segment for opening of new jobs and family businesses.

  4. Systemic formation of social entrepreneurship, development of legislation for social enterprises and social economy, in order to provide employment to persons from vulnerable groups.

  5. Increase the access to employment by promoting financial support through micro-credit and tax breaks.

  6. Development of projects for employment in the local communities and strengthening of the awareness of citizens about increasing the inclusiveness of the labor market.

  7. Development of measures and mechanisms for dealing with market segmentation by promoting adaptability for sustainability and promoting work through the application of the labor legislation and the social dialogue.

  8. Improve the access to good quality social services and create integrated and coordinated services, with the participation of the users, in order to satisfy the needs of the people.
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