National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

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Strategic objective

  • Provide full inclusion of the students in primary education, provide full inclusion of the secondary education, raise the level of literacy of the population, facilitate education for the vulnerable groups and adapt the education system to the needs of the labor market, strengthen the market potentials for engaging workers at all levels.

  • Results

  • The following results should be achieved in order to accomplish this objective:

  • (1.1) All pupils and students of the appropriate age should be enrolled in primary school and they should complete their primary education.

  • (1.2) The curriculums and the textbooks should be adapted to the needs of the children with special education needs.

  • (1.3) The work of the teachers with disabled children should be improved.

  • (1.4) Improve the access to education for all children.

  • (2) All students should enroll in secondary schools immediately after the completion of primary education and they should complete their secondary education.

  • (3) The percentage share of the illiterate population has been reduced and the real literacy has increased as a result of student training in reading and writing and comprehension.

  • (4) The percentage share of secondary school graduates that enroll in higher education institutions and acquire higher education diplomas has increased.

  • (5) Conditions have been provided to ling secondary education and the education of adults with the labor market.

  • (6) The rights of all ethnic communities have been provided in accordance with the Ohrid Framework Agreement in an integrative education system, in order to support the development of a coherent society.

  • (7) Increasing the number of new jobs and creating conditions for equal access to the labor market for the members of the ethnic communities.

  • (8) Formation of an inclusive labor market.

  • (9) Reduction of the unregistered work force.

  • (10) Improvement of the position of women on the labor market.

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