National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Result 7 Strengthening of entrepreneurship

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Result 7 Strengthening of entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship as driver of market relations and the engagement of production factors undoubtedly requires conditions and support which will implement the system of entrepreneurial involvement of the citizens in all spheres.

    1. Providing support to legal entities (small and medium companies and handcrafters) to open new jobs.

    2. Stronger promotion of financial and other forms of support of entrepreneurship, raising of the public awareness about the significance of the entrepreneurship, improving the skills of entrepreneurs, in order to strengthen the competition of the existing companies.

    3. Providing support to start-up new businesses and self-employment, by providing training to interested unemployed persons on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, the preparation of sustainable business plans, registration of businesses and providing financial support for starting the business and/or financial support to existing businesses of people registered as unemployed who have experience in the business (from AP employment)

    4. Providing assistance to entrepreneurs for participating in projects, timely information about published tenders within IPA, FP7 and other EU programs and funds that can be accessed by Macedonian companies and institutions.

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