National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Result 3: Increased gender quality with respect to employment

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Result 3: Increased gender quality with respect to employment

  1. The area of gender equality requires decisive measures to increase the participation of women on the labor market and reduce the difference between the genders with respect to employment, unemployment and the level of salary. A systemic analysis of the gender characteristics of the labor market suggests that there are needs for training in order to overcome the gender gap, and there are needs for greater inclusion of women in the work processes.

  2. Implementing active employment policies, supporting self-employment and subsidizing the active programs and measures conducive to employment of women, can help achieve the expected results. The objective is to increase the participation of women in the total number of employed people and reach an employment rate of women of 42% by 2015. This includes: training, activities for stimulating the entrepreneurship spirit of women and increase the awareness about women’s entrepreneurship, improve the status of women in the national economy (on the labor market, the market of capital, special investment policies, participation of women in the creation of GDP), activities related to completion of education, vocational training, retraining of unemployed women, employment and self-employment, regulating the employment and legal status and the agricultural status of women from rural areas (women farmers), as well as implementation of gender mechanisms on central and local level, in the preparation, planning and implementation of these measures. All of this is also supported in the National Action Plan for Gender Equality geared towards improving the status of women in the labor market.

  3. This requires the introduction of the gender concept in the creation of the programs and active employment measures targeting special target groups like women beneficiaries of social assistance, family violence victims, victims of human trafficking, long term unemployed women, as well as otherwise socially excluded women like employment redundancies or bankruptcy.

  • From a gender perspective, the increased employment policies need to include measures providing: continuation of the process of harmonization of the legislation with a view of equal opportunities for all genders with the EU legislation; preparation of programs for education and training with an increased participation of women, in order to create greater opportunities for employment in the sectors with insufficient number of women; stimulating women’s entrepreneurship; improvement and development of the network of institutions providing children care.

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