National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Reduction of the business start-up costs

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Reduction of the business start-up costs, which stimulates individuals to open their own companies, which, in turn, relieves the burden of the social funds.

  • The measures are in accordance with the EU 2020 Strategy, while the measures drafted in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Government national programs, action plans and the support measures are still current and they have to be continuously innovated and adapted to the conditions of society.

  • Result 2: Increased access to employment, especially for the young

  1. Greater access to employment means opportunities to earn revenues and a better personal life. Therefore the responsible institutions and authorities have to create conditions for social inclusion of the citizens in the work and social processes.

  2. Implementation of the rural development policies which provide a preferential access to funds and an increased level of support for the investments of young farmers. Implementation of the measures from the Rural Development Program referring to proving assistance to young farmers to start agricultural activities, i.e. helping young star-up farmers establish their own agricultural holdings. In addition, implement the measure referring to providing incentives to the elderly people to leave the agriculture field by providing them monetary assistance until they achieve the requirements for full retirement, but not more than five years. This measure will apply to agricultural holders that abandon their holdings by selling them to young farmers before retirement.

  3. Organize employment fairs, thus providing a forum for the work force supply and demand to meet, especially on local level.

  4. Create equal opportunities for employment of the young, the disabled, the elderly and all vulnerable groups. This also applies to creating equal opportunities for all ethnic communities on the labor market, i.e. increasing their representation wherever it is insufficient. Therefore, the Strategy envisions the implementation of: equal representation of ethnic communities in the state administration, the units of local self-government (ULS) and the public enterprises. Realization of the Strategy for Roma – Roma Decade, which is an important active document, together with the action and operational plans that can contribute to achieving greater social inclusion of this segment of the population.

  5. The integration of young people in the labor market should be expressed primarily by opening of new and vacant job positions, harmonizing the education system with the needs of the labor market, and especially strengthening the interest and conditions for starting-up a new business. In addition, the provision of support for the first employment of young people, enabling young people to acquire experience through internships, help a large number of young people be more employable, i.e. more involved in society. In that context, we would like to emphasize the ongoing activities, such as subsidizing and supporting the employment of children without parents, the activities of the jib clubs, the professional orientation and other activities conducive to finding employmentand reducing the time young people have to wait before they find their first employment. There is a need for individual employment plans for employment, training programs for the young people to start their own business.

  6. Introduce mentorship in the training of young people during the work process, so that they can quickly master the knowledge needed to do the work and to satisfy the demands of the labor market.

  7. Establish an optimal relation between the security of the employee and the flexibility of the employment and dismissal taking into account the balance between private life and work life, i.e. greater flexibility in employment, especially for young people.
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