National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Result 1: Reducing long term unemployment

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Result 1: Reducing long term unemployment

  1. Identify the reasons for long term unemployment and, on that basis, propose systemic and other measures to reduce unemployment.

  2. Monitor the indicators that indicate the effects of the undertaken active measures and policies (or suggest any adverse effects of the implementation of certain policies), as a prerequisite to removing the obstacles that create the long term unemployment.

  3. Enact measures with individually tailored programs and active measures in order to remove the barriers to employment of the long term unemployed which become stigmatized and socially excluded.

  4. Provide frequent information about the work force demands of the labor market.

  5. Subsidize the employment of the registered unemployed persons which are more difficult to include on the labor market.

  6. Public works initiatives in regions where a significant part of the population is exposed to social risks, in order to provide work for the unemployed so that they can acquire certain practical knowledge and skills, provide for equal regional development, and opportunities for work and employment, as well as poverty reduction.

  7. Increase the use of domestic resources in investments in order to multiply the effects from the investments, since the use of domestic resources stimulated economic activity and impacts the growth of jobs.

  8. Programs for preparation for employment, as well as the use of funds including EU funds, for training and retraining of the long term unemployed people in accordance with the demands of the labor market.

  9. As a result of the crisis, a certain number of workers has difficulties finding a job and belongs to the group of long term unemployed which require additional measures and support in order to be accepted by the labor market.

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