National Security Council

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The White House Staff of George H. W. Bush (Bush I) (1989-1993)

National Security

National Security Council


Assistant to the President for Gen. Brent Scowcroft (1989-1993) (retired, USAF)

National Security Affairs

Deputy Assistant to the President Robert M. Gates (1989-1992)

for National Security Affairs Adm. Jonathan T. Howe (1992-1993) (USN)

Military Assistant to the President Robert M. Gates (1989)
Special Assistant to the Assistant Florence E. Gantt (1989-1993)

to the President

Confidential Assistant Kay Zerwick (1989)

Wilma G. Hall (1990-1993)

Special Assistant to the Deputy Dianne L. Edwards (1991)

for National Security Affairs Kristen K. Cicio (199-1993)

Executive Secretary

Special Assistant to the President Paul Stevens (1989)

and Executive Secretary to the NSC G. Philip Hughes (1989-1991)

William F. Sittmann (1990-1993)

Counselor (This position becomes “NSC Counselor and Planning” in 1990 and disappears in 1991)

Special Assistant to the President Peter W. Rodman (1989-1990)

and NSC Counselor

Director for Policy Development A. Blair Dorminey (1989-1990)

(This position becomes “Director” in 1990 and comes under jurisdiction of Legal Adviser in 1991)
Legal Adviser

Special Assistant to the President Charles N. Rostow (1989-1993)

and Legal Adviser

Deputy Legal Adviser Daniel Levin (1989-1990)

Stephen Rademaker (1990-1993)

Assistant Legal Adviser Robin Frank (1989)

Director, Planning A. Blair Dorminey (1991)
Legislative Affairs

Special Assistant to the President Alison B. Fortier (1989)

and Senior Director Virginia A. Lampley (1990-1993)

Director Michael Andricos (1989, 1992-1993)

E. Bret Coulson (1989-1991)
African Affairs

Special Assistant to the President Herman J. Cohen (1989)

and Senior Director David D. Miller Jr. (1990-1991)

Thomas E. McNamra (1992-1993)

Director William Jacobsen (1989)

David Passage (1990)

Robert Frasure (1991)
Asian Affairs

Special Assistant to the President James A. Kelly (1989)

and Senior Director Karl D. Jackson (1989-1991)

Douglas H. Paal (1992-1993)

Directors Richard Childress (1989)

Douglas H. Paal (1989-1991)

Peter S. Watson (1990-1991)

Torkel Patterson (1992-1993)

European and Soviet Affairs

Special Assistant to the President Nelson C. Ledsky (1989)

and Senior Director Robert D. Blackwill (1990-91)

David C. Gompert (1991-1993)

Ed A. Hewitt (1992-1993)

Directors Barry Lowenkron (1989, 1992-1993)

Lisa Jameson (1989)

Rudolph V. Perina (1989)

Adrian A. Basora (1990-1991)

Robert L. Hutchings (1990-1992)

Condoleeza Rice (1990)

Philip D. Zelikow (1990-1991)

Mary K. Stults (1990)

Betty A. Marshall (1991, 1993)

R. Nicholas Burns (1992-1993)

Tony Wayer (1992)

Jane E. Holl (1992-1993)
Near East and South Asian Affairs

Special Assistant to the President William J. Burns (1990)

and Senior Director Richard N. Haass (1990-1993)

Directors Sandra Charles (1989-1991)

Shrin Tahir-Kheli (1989)

C. David Welch (1990-1991)

Edmund J. Hull (1992-1993)

Bruce O. Riedel (1992-1993)

Latin American Affairs

Special Assistant to the President Robert S. Pastorino (1989)

and Senior Director William T. Pryce (1990-92

Directors Clarke Brintnall (1989)

David Pacelli (1989-91

Donald C. Johnson (1991

John F. McShane (1992-1993)

Robert Morley (1992-1993)

Intelligence Programs

Special Assistant to the President D. Barry Kelly (1989)

and Senior Director William W. Working (1990-1991)

James L. Pavitt (1992-1993)

Director of Intelligence Policy Jon A. Wiant (1989)

Director of Intelligence Liaison Mary Henhoeffer (1989)

Director of Intelligence Systems Michael Kimberling (1989)

Director of Counterintelligence John F. Lewis (1989)

Director of Counterterrorism and Robert R. Beers (1989


Director of Counterterrorism and Richard E. Porter (1989)


Deputy Director of Counterterrorism Scot Addis (1989)

And Narcotics

Directors Lloyd D. Salvetti (1990)

David V. Kitchen (1990-1991)

James L. Pavitt (1991)

Michael J. Waguespack (1992-1993)

International Economic Affairs

Special Assistant to the President Stephen P. Farrar (1989)

and Senior Director Deane E. Hoffman (1990)

Timothy E. Deal (1991)

Eric D.K. Melby (1992-1993)

Director Eric D.K. Melby (1989-1991)

Timothy E. Deal (1990)

Richard C. Barth (1991-1993)

Meg Lundsager (1991)

International Programs/Technology Affairs

(In 1990, this position became “International Programs)

Special Assistant to the President Tyrus W. Cobb (1989)

and Senior Director David C. Miller Jr (1990-91)

Thomas E. McNamara (1992-1993)

Directors Jeremy F. Curtin (1989)

Jerry W. Leach (1989)

Andres D. Onate (1989)

Donald C. Tice (1989)

Robert R. Beers (1990-1992)

Nancy Bearg Dyke (1990-1993)

Richard LaMagna (1990)

Christopher Needles (1990-1993)

Richard L. Canas (1991-1993)

Wendy Chamberlin (1991)

Carolyn Stettner (1992-1993)

Deputy Director Richard Saunders (1989)
Arms Control (In 1990, this position was merged with Defense Policy)

Special Assistant to the President Robert E. Linhard (1989)

and Senior Director

Directors Linton F. Brooks (1989)

G. William Heiser (1989)

Donald A. Mahley (1989)

Judy E. Mandel (1989)

Steven E. Steiner (1989)

Deputy Director William H. Tobey (1989)
Defense Policy (In 1990, this was merged with “Arms Control”)

Special Assistant to the President Roger G. DeKok (1989)

and Senior Director

Directors Eugene Ebner (1989)

William Grant (1989)

John G. Grimes (1989)

James F. Miskel (1989)

Don M. Snider (1989)

Director for Space Programs Roger G. DeKok (1989)
Defense Policy and Arms Control

Special Assistant to the President Arnold L. Kanter (1990-91)

and Senior Director John A. Gordon (1992)

Directors John A. Gordon (1990-91)

RADM Donald L. Piling (1990-92)

Donald A. Mahley (1989)

Judy E. Mandel (1989)

Michael V. Hayden (1989-91

Richard A. Davis (1990-1993)

Heather A. Wilson (1990-91

William H. Tobey (1989-1993)

Michael D. Fry (1991-1993)

Daniel B. Poneman (1991-1993)

Jeffrey B. Jones (1992-1993)

Craig B. Chellis (1992-1993)

Susan J. Koch (1992-1993)

Patrick H. Linhares (1992-1993)

Economic Policy
Assistant to the President for Roger Porter (1989-93)

Economic and Domestic Policy

Council of Economic Advisers

Chairman Michael J. Boskin (1989-1993)

Members David F. Bradford (1992-1993)

Richard L. Schmalensee (1990-1992)

John B. Taylor (1989-1992)

David Wonnacott (1992-1993)

Special Asst. to the Chairman J. Steven Landefeld (1989-1991)

Harry G. Broadman (1991-1992)

James D. Foster (1992-1993)
Economic Policy Council

Exec. Secretary to the EPC Lehmann Li (1989-1990)

Olin Lewis Wethington (1990-1992)
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

U.S. Trade Representative Carla Anderson Hills (1989-1993)

Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Julius L. Katz (1989-1993)

Michael H. Moskow (1992-1993)

S. Linn Williams (1989-1992)

Rufus Yerxa (1989-1993)

Office of Management and Budget:

Director Richard G. Darman (1989-1993)

Deputy Director William Diefenderfer (1989-1991)

(vacant) 1991-1993

Deputy Director for Management Frank Hodsoll (1992-1993)

Executive Associate Director (vacant) (1989-1990)

David Haun (1990-1991)

Frank Hodsoll (1991-1992)

Domestic Policy

Assistant to the President for Roger Porter (1989-93)

Economic and Domestic Policy
Deputy Asst. for Policy Planning James P. Pinkerton (1989-1992)
Counselor for Domestic Policy Clayton Yeutter (1992-1993)
Office of Policy Development

Director: William L. Roper (1989-1990)

(vacant) (1990-1991)

Roger B. Porter (1992-1993)

Deputy Asst. for Domestic Policy Charles E. M. Kolb (1991-1993)
Deputy Asst. for Policy Development Gail R. Wilensky (1992-1993)

Associate Director, Lawrence Lindsey (1989-1992)

Domestic Economic Policy Todd Buchholz (1992-1993)
Associate Director, Stephen Farrar (1989-1992)
International Economic Policy Warren Maruyama (1992-1993)
Associate Director, Nancy Maloley (1989-19900

Environment, Energy and Natural Teresa Gorman (1990-1993)

Resources Policy
Associate Director, Legal Policy Marianne McGettigan (1990-1992)

Betsy Anderson (1992-1993)

Associate Director, Johannes Kuttner (1990-1993)

Health and Social Services Policy

Deputy Associate Director, Rae Nelson (1990-1993)
Education Policy:
Domestic Policy Council

Exec. Secretary to the DPC Kenneth Yale (1989-1991)

Richard W. Porter (1991-1992)
Council on Environmental Quality

Chairman: A. Alan Hill (1989-1990)

Michael R. Deland (1990-1993)
Members: Jacqueline E. Schafer (1989-1990)

(vacant) (1989-1990)

(2 vacancies) (1990-1993)

National Critical Materials Council

Chairman (vacant) (1989-1990; 1992-1993)

D. Allan Bromley (1990-1992)

Executive Director Perry M. Lindstrom (1989-1991; 1992-1993)

David L. Huber (1991-1992)

Office of Science and Technology Policy

Science Advisor and Director William R. Graham, Jr. (1989-1990)

D. Allan Bromley (1990-1993)
Office of Economic and Domestic Policy

Director Roger B. Porter (1989-1990)

Office of National Drug Control Policy

Director William J. Bennett (1989-1991)

Bob Martinez (1991-1993)
Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

Director Debra Anderson (1989-1992)

Barbara G. Kilberg (1992-1993)

Legislative Affairs
Office of Legislative Affairs

Director Frederick D. McClure (1989-1992)

Joshua Bolten (1992-1993)
Deputy Asst. for Legislative Affairs Gary J. Andres (1991-1993)

(House) Nicholas E. Calio (1989-1991)

Robert J. Portman (1990-1991)
Deputy Asst. for Legislative Affairs James W. Dyer (1991-1993)

(Senate) E. Boyd Hollingsworth, Jr. (1989-1991)

Special Asst. for Legislative Affairs Frances McNurtray Norris (1990-1992)

Penelope Payne (1990-1992)

Brian K. Waidmann (1990-1992)

Special Asst. for Legislative Affairs Gary J. Andres (1989-1991

(House) Nancy P. Dorn (1989-1990)

Arnold I. Havens (1991-1993)

John W. Howard (1989-1993)

Kim. F. McKernan (1992-1993)

Special Asst. for Legislative Affairs) David P. Sloane (1989-1991

(Senate) Shawn H. Smeallie (1991-1993)

Linda E. Tarplin (1992-1993)

Brian K. Waidmann (1989-1990; 1992-1993)

Presidential Politics
Office of Public Liaison


Cecile B. Kremer (1992-1993)
Asst. for Public Liaison:

Sherrie S. Rollins (1992-1993)

Deputy Asst. for Public Liaison:

Barbara G. Kilberg (1989-1992)

Leigh Ann Metzger (1992-1993)

Sichan Siv (1989-1993)

Office of Political Affairs


James Wray (1989-1991)

David M. Carney (1991-1992)

Deputy Director:

David M. Carney (1989-1991)

Ronald C. Kaufman (1991-1993)
Office of the Press Secretary

Press Secretary:

Max Marlin Fitzwater (1989-1993)
Deputy Press Secretary:

B. Jay Cooper (1989-1990)

Gary L. Foster (1992-1993)

John S. Gardner (1992-1993)

Alixe R. Glen (1989-1991)

Stephen T. Hart (1989-1992)

Roman Popadiuk (1989-1993)

Judy A. Smith (1991-1993)

Assistant to the President for Media Affairs:

J. Dorrance Smith (1991-1993)

Deputy Asst. for Media Affairs:

Robert Anthony Snow (1992-1993)

Office of Communications


David F. Demarest, Jr. (1989-1993)
Deputy Director:

Chriss Winston (1989-1991)

Director of Speechwriting:

Chriss Winston (1990-1991)

Robert Anthony Snow (1991-1992)
Deputy Dir. of Speechwriting:

Daniel B. McGroarty (1992-1993)

Administration of Government
Office of the Vice President

Chief of Staff:

Robert Guttman (1989-1990)

William Kristol (1990-1993)

Deputy Chief of Staff:

David Ryder (1989-1990)

Spencer Abraham (1990-1991)

Allan B. Hubbard (1991-1993)

Press Secretary:

David Beckwith (1989-1993)

Asst. for Domestic Policy:

David McIntosh (1989-1990; 1991-1993)

Joseph Perkins (1990-1991)
Asst. for National Security Affairs:

Carnes Lord (1989-1991)

Karl Jackson (1991-1993)
Asst. for Legislative Affairs:

William J. Gribbin (1989-1993)

Special Asst. for Administration:

Gary Engelstad (1989-1990)

Les Novitsky (1990-1993)
Asst. for Scheduling:

Cecile Kremer (1989-1992)

Anne Hathaway (1992-1993)
Deputy Asst. for Advance:

Tom Pernice (1989-1993)

Office of Presidential Personnel


Charles G. Untermeyer (1989-1992)

Constance Horner (1992-1993)

Deputy Director:

Ronald C. Kaufman (1989-1991)

Jeannette L. Naylor (1991-1993)

Roscoe B. Starek III (1989-1991)

Associate Director:

Les T. Csorba (1992-1993)

Robert A. Estrada (1989-1990)

Martha H. Goodwin (1989-1993)

Anne B. Gwaltney (1989-1993)

Thomas F. Kranz (1989-1990)

José E. Martinez (1990-1992)

Nancy F. Miller (1989-1993)

Jeanette L. Naylor (1989-1991)

Thomas F. Needles (1990-1991)

White House Military Office:


Antonio Lopez (1989-1990)

Lt. Gen. Richard G. Trefry (1990-1992) (ret., USA)

John A. Gaughan (1992-1993)
Office of Cabinet Affairs

Director Phillip D. Brady (1989-1990)

Stephen I. Danzansky (1990-1992)

Administration of the White House

Office of the Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff:

John H. Sununu (1989-1991)

Samuel Skinner (1991-1992)

James A. Baker III (1992-1993)
Deputy Chief of Staff:

Andrew H. Card, Jr. (1989-1992)

James W. Cicconi (1989-1991)

W. Henson Moore (1992-1993)

Exec. Asst. to the Chief of Staff:

Edward M. Rogers, Jr. (1989-1992)

Office of Counsel


C. Boyden Gray (1989-1993)
Deputy Counsel:

John P. Schmitz (1989-1993)

Office of the Staff Secretary

Staff Secretary:

James W. Cicconi (1989-1991)

Phillip D. Brady (1991-1993)

Asst. Staff Secretary:

John S. Gardner (1989-1992)

Office of Administration


Paul W. Bateman (1989-1993)
Deputy Director:

Hector F. Irastorza, Jr. (1989-1992)

Office of Presidential Advance


John G. Keller, Jr. (1989-1991)

Jake L. Parmer (1991-1992)

Edward D. Murnane (1992-1993)
Deputy Asst. for Appointments and Scheduling:

Joseph W. Hagin II (1989-1991)

Katherine Super (1991-1993)
Cabinet Secretary

David Q. Bates, Jr. (1989-1991)

Edith E. Holiday (1991-1993)
Asst. for Issues Analysis

Richard C. Breeden (1989-

Office of Management and Administration


J. Bonnie Newman (1989-1991)

Timothy J. McBride (1992-1993)

Office of Special Activities and Initiatives


Stephen M. Studdert (1989-1990)

Asst. for Public Events and Initiatives:

Sigmund A. Rogich (1990-1993)

Office of National Service


C. Gregg Petersmeyer (1989-1993)

Office of the First Lady

Chief of Staff:

Susan Porter Rose (1989-1993)

White House Operations


Rose M. Zamaria (1989-1993)

Deputy Asst., Cabinet Liaison:

Gary R. Blumenthal (1991-1993)

Executive Secretary for Cabinet Liaison:

Michael P. Jackson (1991-1992)

Physician to the President:

Burton J. Lee III, M.D. (1989-1993)

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