National security concept of the republic of moldova introduction

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2.1.3 Consolidation of the military security and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova
Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova are responsible for ensuring the national security state of affair by military methods. The Armed Forces’ main task is to ensure the Republic of Moldova’s defense in any circumstances. The Armed Forces offer necessary support to the relevant public institutions in case of civil emergency, natural calamities, technological accidents or disasters. The Armed Forces participate in the international peace operations, humanitarian and combating international terrorism missions.
The cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the objective of reaching by the Republic of Moldova’s Armed Forces the maximum level of inter-operability will offer a basis for building and developing a viable, credible, efficient, operational and modern defense system for the country. This process envisages setting up and institutionalizing the system of defense planning through adopting necessary regulations. The reformation tasks of the armed forces of the Republic of Moldova are:

  1. Achieving sufficient defensive capabilities, through the setting up and permanently maintaining forces that are credible, quantitatively sufficient and trained according to the modern standards, able to adequately react to the existent and potential risks and threats;

  2. Restructuring and modernizing the military force, through:

    • Re-dimensioning the armed forces and establishing their new structure, professionalizing military personnel, modernizing and standardizing the training for performing military missions;

    • Maintaining functional capacity of the armament and existent equipment and increasing its quality both through modernizing it and through acquiring new modern equipment.

In the same context, it will be taken into consideration the need for adequate staff social protection, efficient management of the equipment, armament and excess infrastructure etc. With the aim at building and developing its defense system, the Republic of Moldova will develop a comprehensive Strategic Defense Review (SDR).

National Military Strategy will reflect the priorities and objectives of the Republic of Moldova’s defense system development. The respective documents will take into consideration the Republic of Moldova’s international commitments.
2.1.4 Consolidation of the domestic security
The domestic security and public order is an important component of the national security along with military security and other dimensions of the security of the Republic of Moldova. The main tasks of the institutions meant to ensure domestic security refer to guaranteeing stability in the Republic of Moldova, combating criminal phenomenon, protecting people and property rights. The activity of the Security and Intelligence Service
The goal of the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) of the Republic of Moldova is to ensure the domestic security and maintain constitutional order through preventive and special means of non-military nature. In order to achieve this goal and the general aim of the national security, the SIS collects and process the information on the ground of what the fundamental thesis of the national security policy are formulated.
The Security and Intelligence Service collects, verifies, assesses, keeps and develops the necessary information for acknowledging, prevention and counter any actions that bring or might bring threats to sovereignty, independence, safety, constitutional order and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova. The SIS gathers information about evolution and events occurring outside the country, which allow formulating defense, economic and foreign policies of the Republic of Moldova. The SIS functions are: recognition, prevention and countering espionage and subversive activities against the Republic of Moldova, actions with impact on the democratic institutions of state and other actions that are threatening the state’s security; providing counterintelligence information for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova; assuring the security of the Moldovan institutions overseas and of the forces participating to a peace missions; prevention and countering of the terrorism, of the financing and supporting terrorism and extremists movements activities; setting up and maintaining the secure functioning of the of the government communications; protection of the classified information; conducting of other activities envisaged by legislation.
Obtaining pertinent information in reasonable time limits on developments that may threaten the national security is crucial for maintaining the constitutional order and domestic security of the Republic of Moldova. In order to efficiently counter the security threats, the ISS also develops an international cooperation and an inter-agency cooperation within the country.
The international cooperation the SIS participates is important for obtaining the information on regional crisis, combating terrorism, preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, illegal arms, drugs and human being traffic.
The SIS in cooperation with the law enforcement bodies acts to prevent the infiltration of the organized crime in politics and public administration.

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