National security concept of the republic of moldova introduction

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2.5.5 Ensuring intellectual property security
To ensure the intellectual property security, the efforts will be oriented to the harmonization of the intellectual property system of the Republic of Moldova with the existing mechanisms in the European Union. An important aspect and an indispensable condition in this field consists in the improvement of application of the national legislation regarding the intellectual property. In the context of internal and external risks in this field, the Moldovan civil society will be informed on the importance of the intellectual property rights. Taking into consideration the European aspirations of the country, an important element is the stimulation of participation of the research institutions to the projects on the intellectual property protection conducted within the European Union. A better application of the legislation on author right and connected rights will contribute to a better organization and management of the national system of intellectual property protection.
2.5.6 Consolidating environment security and preserving biodiversity
The Republic of Moldova fulfills its commitments which derive from different International Conventions on environment with the aim at improving and modernizing the national system of monitoring the environment quality.
In that respect the Republic of Moldova undertakes necessary measures with the view at harmonizing the national legislation and regulations in the filed of environment protection and using natural resources with the EU Directives, according to the European Commission’s General Directorate for Environment.
The Republic of Moldova also actively participates in the relevant working groups established by the international organizations. To cope with the consequences of the emergency situations which generated the pollution with chemical and radioactive agents, there is a need for continuous improvement and modernization of the national system for monitoring the environment’s quality according to the international standards.
To prevent the uncontrolled proliferation in the environment of the genetically modified bodies (GMO), the Republic of Moldova will have strict regulations on import, risk assessment, labeling, monitoring and control of the GMO.
Further efforts will be undertaken to combat the anthropogenic factors that have a negative influence on the biodiversity and on the ecosystem in general. The state will protect the rare species and will take new measures to regenerate the traditional species on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Pollution control, risk management and biodiversity preserving will contribute to the creation of a better environment for life.
2.5.7 The policy of regional development
Implementing the policy of regional development of the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the existing legislation will ensure the rapid development of the underdeveloped regions and reduction of life standards’ differences inside the country, as well as will facilitate the balanced development of the entire country.
At the government level, promoting a regional policy and coordinating with structural instruments according to the EU standards will be ensured. The concentration of the resources and institutional system will be consolidated, and their capacity will be strengthened both at the national, regional and local.
One of the preconditions for a more rapid development of the country as well as for ensuring domestic security and stability is a successful administrative reform along with implementation of the projects that promote the local administration development.
With the development of the regional development policy’s objectives, the favorable conditions for investment flow and the development of the entrepreneurial activities will be ensured. This will offer support to the less developed and rarely populated regions. The development of the local infrastructure is important. The development of the route network (including alternative roads for main routes) and the communication systems, as well as ensuring education and cultural infrastructure, also, have a considerable importance.
2.6 The security of the informational technologies
With the increase of the informational technologies’ role in the public and private sector, their place in the state’ security and defense enhances as well, especially if we take into account that there are no borders in the informational technologies field. At the same time, there is increased need to ensure the security and efficient administration of the national informational systems, as well as to protect the fundamental rights of the Republic of Moldova’s citizens.
Taking into account the growing level of computerization of the country, the informational security will be ensured on a legal and organizational level through diminishing main risk factors like informational viruses, flawed functioning of the computers and soft programs, negligence or bad-intentions of the users and unauthorized connection of the third persons.
Aiming at improving the informational technologies security it is necessary to work out a project on developing the reserved communicational networks in order to be used in the crisis situation. For secured stocking of the data base of national importance it is necessary to set up archives and stocks of electronic documents.
In order to prevent the information-related crimes and threats to the domestic security, which may be caused by the vulnerability of the informational technologies systems, as well as to ensure the security of the data base and registers, it is necessary to undertake organizational and physical security measures. Otherwise, the information related crimes may reach a dangerous scale of organized crime along with illegal traffic of arms and drugs.
In order to ensure an adequate functioning of the state defense system in case of crisis or times of war as well as to ensure the state’s ability to timely and efficiently send the flow of information, including those classified, between the Republic of Moldova and the rest of the world, it is imperative to build sufficient national capacities to carry out secured exchange of information and stocking the information. In this respect it is also of a major importance to develop the capacities for a secured exchange of information on the domestic level, as well as between the Executive/MFA and diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova.

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