National regional development strategy

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Strategic Objective 1: Economic cohesion in European, national and intra-regional plan by developing the own potential of the regions and environmental protection.

Strategic Objective 1 is focused on generating an additional energy and development by intensifying the own resources and preservation of the regional specificity. This objective is in line with the new philosophy of the regional policy: "catching up with the development not only by redistribution of resources to the weak ones, but by mobilizing their specificity and potential as well." Among not so well utilized resources that give the local and regional specifics and potentials for development, are the natural resources and the cultural heritage, as well as some of the traditional economic activities. It is necessary, measures for their effective usage and valorization, both in the central and in the peripheral rural areas, to be implemented.

Along with that comes a support for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which is a key factor for the development of regional economies, by improving the access to the industrial zones and their infrastructure, as well as for development of new business models and innovation.

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