National regional development strategy

Applying the partnership’s principle and providing information and publicity

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Applying the partnership’s principle and providing information and publicity

The basic principles in carrying out the regional policy are: the effective partnership, realized by the participation of the administration, the economic and social partners and the representatives of the civil society, as well as by the provision of information and communication with the stakeholders, regarding the objectives, the potential benefits and the outcomes due to the implementation of the regional development plans and programs.

In implementing the NRDS, the partnership is realized by the active participation of all the defined target groups in the process of planning, programming, financial assurance, monitoring and evaluation of the NRDS, as well as joint decision taking and shared responsibility in the process of forming policies and achieving their purposes. Applying the principle of partnership increases the stability of the taken decisions and the effectiveness of their realization, and the success of the strategy and its wide public support are guaranteed by the provided public awareness and transparency of the processes.

According to the requirements of the legislative framework, the NRDS (2012-2022) is accepted by the National Expert Board on Territorial Development and Regional Policy (NEBTDRP), under the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. The NRDS is examined, discussed and agreed at the meetings of the Regional Development Councils of NUTS 2 regions with the participation of representatives of the district administrations, businesses and the NGOs. The NRDS is adopted by the Council of Ministers by Decree № 696 on 24th August 2012 and published on the website of the Ministry.

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