National regional development strategy

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Priority 1.3. Development of the infrastructure for environmental protection

Specific objective 1: Improving the quality and efficiency of water supply services to businesses and individuals in the regions and getting closer to the European standards in this sphere.

Specific Objective 2: Sustainable management of water resources in the regions by building and upgrading of the sewer systems and wastewater treatment.

Specific Objective 3: Effective use of the resources in the regions, by optimizing the waste collection and implementation of advanced technologies for separate collection, composting of bio-removing wastes, recycling and environmental disposal, in line with the Roadmap for Efficient Europe Resource Use in the period up to 2020 .

Specific Objective 4: Protection, maintenance and restoration of the biodiversity as a part of the natural potential for sustainable development of the regions.

Specific objective 5: Prevention of natural risks.

Specific Objective 6: Improving the air quality in the territory of the country, including the urban centers.

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