National regional development strategy

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National Regional Development Strategy (NRDS) for the period 2012 – 2022 is developed in accordance with the legislative regulations of the Regional Development Act. NRDS is the main document that defines the strategic framework of the government policy for achieving balanced and sustainable development of the regions in the country and for overcoming the intra-regional and inter-regional differences/ disparities in the context of pan-European cohesion policy, and achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

NRDS plays an important role for achieving compliance and mutual complement between the objectives and the priorities of the regional development policy and the sectoral policies and strategies that promote balanced development of the regions.

The designated in the NRDS period, from 2012 to 2022, is a period, in which major changes are supposed to take place in global and in European scale, it is a period of the emergence of new tests and challenges to the European Community and the European countries in coherence with the overcoming the effects of the debt financial crisis and the on-going successful implementation of the cohesion policy and preservation of national and regional identity in the development process. The biggest challenges, facing Europe and the European countries, are: the globalization, the negative demographic trends, the climate changes and the energy dependence. The European policy in this period will be adjusted so as to help the regions to be prepared to face these challenges and trials and each of the regions to find individual solutions to cope with the difficulties it is faced. In response to the requirements of the strategy "Europe 2020", "National Development Programme: BULGARIA 2020" is developed as a long-term framework document, defining the vision and the overall objectives of the development policies for a period of 10 years for all sectors of the government, including their territorial manifestations.

For the period 2012-2022 NRDS advocates goals, priorities and specific objectives that contribute for achieving the objectives of the "Europe 2020" strategy, having in mind the statements of the "Territorial Agenda Europe 2020" and those of the National Development Program "Bulgaria 2020".

The structure of the NRDS is based on the requirements of the Regional Development Act (RDA) and contains:

1. analysis of the socio-economic and territorial development of the regions;

2. objectives and priorities for regional development for the specified period;

3. assessment of the resources, required for achieving the objectives of the Strategy;

4. criteria and indicators for estimating the implementation of the strategy;

5. strategic guidance for elaboration of the Regional Development Plans for the specified period;

6. necessary actions for implementation of partnership’s principle and provision of information and publicity.

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