National Park Service Parameters and Scope of Negotiated Rulemaking Discussion Federal Panel Recommendation to the General Superintendent on Proposed Rulemaking for Pet Management at Golden Gate National Recreation Area, November 7, 2002

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Commercial Dogwalkers—GGNRA will move to a system of incidental business permits: discussion can occur regarding the number of permits and permit conditions (including number of on-leash and off-leash dogs allowed by each permittee)

  • Individual Dogwalkers-discussion can occur regarding possible limits on the number of dogs on-leash and off-leash

  • Issues occurring in dogwalking areas: waste-removal provisions; perimeters, lighting, rules and regulations of use, etc.

    General Parameters:

    1. Dogs required on-leash in all picnic areas, campgrounds, parking lots, residential areas and park partner sites (due to safety issues).

    2. New NPS lands that come under future management of GGNRA will be automatically governed by CFR regulations and then evaluated for appropriate recreational uses, including dogwalking, and any approved dogwalking use will be consistent with the new special regulation for dogwalking in GGNRA (i.e., Pedro Point Headlands, Cattle Hill, Rancho Corral de Tierra).

    3. Dogwalking groups must be active partners in management of dogwalking in the park.

    4. All stakeholders must agree to disseminate correct information to constituents regarding regulations, etc.

    5. Dogwalking options may include restrictions on days of the week, time of day, etc., to allow flexibility to accommodate other user groups.


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