National identity in scotland and england

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Monday, 1st March 2010


David McCrone and Frank Bechhofer

As the British general election approaches, the one thing we can be sure about is that unsubstantiated claims will frequently be made about Scottish, English and British national identities and their impact on how people will vote. Using longstanding and unique research data, Frank Bechhofer and David McCrone will review how people’s senses of being Scottish and British, as well as English, have changed in recent years, the extent to which national identity can be thought of as ‘political’, and what the implications are for the future of the United Kingdom. The material presented will include the first preliminary results of the latest national identity surveys in both Scotland and England, and is a unique opportunity to compare the two countries.

David McCrone is Co-Director of the Institute of Governance, and Professor of Sociology at Edinburgh University,
Frank Bechhofer is Emeritus Professor of Social Research, and University Fellow at Edinburgh University

9.30 Registration and Coffee

10.00 Introduction

  • How have national identities in Scotland and England changed since devolution?

  • How ‘British’ do people feel these days?

  • What kind of relationship is there between national identity and political attitudes?

  • What impact, if any, might this have on the forthcoming British election?

13.00 Buffet Lunch


The seminar will be held in the Raeburn Room, Old College, University of Edinburgh, South Bridge.

Institute of Governance, Chisholm House, High School Yards, Edinburgh, EH1 1LZ

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