National Bank congratulates journalists on their professional holiday

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Weekly news. NBKR press-release №44/2013 (November 4 -16, 2013)

National Bank congratulates journalists on their professional holiday

Kyrgyzstan has been celebrating the Day of Information and Press on November 7 for already twenty years. 

National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic congratulates the domestic media professionals with their professional holiday and is grateful for their diligent work, high professionalism and dedication to their profession.

In today’s world it is difficult to overestimate the role of the media and its influence on the formation of a world view of citizens. The work of journalists is very responsible and difficult since while covering the events of different scales and possessing one of the most powerful tool of the mankind, the word, it is necessary to be objective and impartial. Perception on the occurring events in Kyrgyzstan, understanding of political, economic and social processes of the public depends on the professionalism of journalists and their civic position.

Journalists always work on the front lines , sometimes risking their health, sometimes leaving their private life and families behind. Information broadcast through the press, television, radio, the Internet is very important since it shapes the story, creates a picture of not only the present but also the past and often the future.

National Bank is always open and ready to assist journalists in preparation of materials under the purview of the central bank, whether news reports, analytical articles or educational projects. We are always happy to cooperate with the media and are grateful for the journalists for their interest in financial topics. While making an overall contribution to improving the financial literacy of our country, we will together promote and improve the overall quality of life of citizens.

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