Nation Building Voluntary Service. Nbvs objective and Importance of nbvs

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Nation Building Voluntary Service. NBVS

Objective and Importance of NBVS :

  1. To built a strong culture of voluntarism, an inspirator for nation building as it a greater expression of love for others and the nation.

  2. To prepare and integrate citizens into nation building by reforming and reshaping their mindset and actions toward self sacrifice for the common good.

  3. To provide immediate relief to persons or situations in need of attention before there go out of hand.

  4. Help to put to work the principles of a social welfare state that we are, in this light helping to develop our democracy toward the achievement of nationhood/familyhood.

scope of influence: at the national, rural and city councils.

Kind of services: voluntary in all kinds of services :

Could be care (for the sick , the old, refergees, underprivileged). Cleaning ( of roads, markets, hospitals, rabage disposal etc), first aid servicers (during a motor, fire or water accidents), security, management, technology services, servicers in line with easing traffic, road maintenance servicers, environmental protection servicers e.t.c.

Could be that of educating the general publics for example on the importance of voters card, the coming into place of a new law, on their rights and obligations as citizens, on the proper usage of public facilities, etc.

Could be in providing voluntary servicers to non gouvernmental organizations\associations\ movements, in projects of common good, be it at the local and national levels.

Could be in providing voluntary services to rural and city councils for their developmental projects

Membership: it is open to all who want to offer voluntary servicers to general public be it at the communal or national level

Partnership: with the government, religious bodies, NGO’s,

Needs. We need money

  1. to create a Webpage,

  2. for internet connection for the subscription of members,

  3. for training programmes into voluntary service

  4. to set up offices in the various urban and city councils

  5. to buy materials for voluntary services

  6. to provide basic motivations ( transport fares, food and drinks) for voluntary workers

syncithising citizens on the importance of the voter card and helping them to subscript for one. Hoe importance is this? politics is the ultimate decider of the people’s material and temporal welfare but unfortunately not up to 1/3 of Cameroonians eligible voter, have registered to vote especially the youth population. Not up to 1/3 of registered voters do vote. This withdrawal from political responsibilities is a clear lack of hope, hope that should that compels citizens to transcend their present frustration and dismay into a new dream for the nation. For without such hope, all is lost becuase the nation will mostly likely fall into the hands of mercenary politicians or continue to accommodate them, and it will render good politicians ineffective or make voiceless the genuine votes. Thereby hindering the growth of governance or democracy that will ensure justice, peace and prosperity

it is base on this that Nation Building Voluntary Service. NBVS has taken as part of its voluntary service to built religious hope in citizens that will inspire citizen engagement in voting by organizing seminars based on : how can religious bodies , intermediaries, schoolers, inspire citizen engagement in voting political leaders ?. Intermediaries: policy analyst, political scientist, economic experts, philosophers, ICT experts, e.t .c Organisations\ associations\ movements patterning to governance, policy and politics.

The knowledge and strategies gathered from such seminars, greatly help the NBSV in its voluntary effort to syncithesising citizens on the importance of the voters card and in helping them obtain one.

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