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U.S History

Stacy Joslin


Black Power Movement

The Black Power movement was a time during the 1960s when blacks took a stand both violently and nonviolently. There were peace proponents like MLK And others that use force and violence. One person renowned for enforcing black power through violence was Malcolm X. Malcolm X was an Islamic civil rights activist who believed in philosophies that condoned violence. Malcolm X was the leader of a much group called the Black Panthers. This brings up an extremely valid question, which tactics were more effective, the violent tactics of the Black Panthers or the peaceful protests used by Martin Luther King? The tactics of peacekeepers like MLK were definitely more effective than the hate breeders like Malcolm X.

The Black Panthers were formed in the 1960s. They believed in the right to fight with cause. This brought about much hatred and tension. The goal of the Black Panthers was to enforce their rights as human beings as well as to be as segregated as possible. Their ideas on an ideal civilization weren’t too different from white segregators. Having Malcolm X as one of the main members, many Muslim principals were in play during this time. Many of Malcolm X’s tactics were derived from an Islamic activist named Muhammed.

Peace and integration advocates like MLK and Rosa Parks were renowned during this time period. They used public resistance methods such as speeches and violent free boycotts. Rosa Parks is renowned for her bus boycott. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus. She was jailed for her disobedience. Because of this, she inspired many black protesters to stand up for their rights. Many blacks refused to ride the buses decreasing the amount of money the bus companies med. With time and patience the city had no choice but to stop the segregation laws on buses.

MLK is someone who will always be remembered. He was incredibly intelligent. In fact, his high level of education proved to be extraordinarily useful as a civil rights activist. His nonviolent tactics were reminiscent of those of Mahatma Gandhi having studied him in the past. MLK was one who didn’t let hatred get the better of him. His remedy for conquering hatred and violence was to use peace and love. Growing up as a Christian, and later becoming a pastor, he learned to never sucomb to the hatred of others. Another perk of being a pastor is the skill of public speaking. We all remember MLK’s incredible “I had a dream” speech that moved the whole nation. MLK didn’t just fight for himself. In fact, the present didn’t matter to him. He was fighting for the future. He was so committed to striving for a better future that he was willing to die for us to live in peace. Such selfless actions are what brought us to the equality we experience today.

In conclusion, peaceful civil rights activists like MLK and Rosa Parks were far more proficient in equality than those who believed in violence. Some could argue that religion played a major role in this affair. For example, MLK and Rosa Parks were Christians which brought out the peaceful nature in their tactics. However, Malcolm X was a Muslim activist who wanted holy war. In the end some would say the Black Panthers were unnecessary. They preached “Black Power” with segregation. The reason the civil rights act was started was to push us away from “Separate but Equal.” Were the goals of the Black Panthers any different from that of the racist whites? Fighting fire with fire made us a more civil disobedient nation of hatred and pushed us even further away from a fair and equal society. Overall, peaceful protesters were more deserving of the credit for the well integrated society we now live in.

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