Nasa, faa conduct Drone Management Test

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NASA, FAA Conduct Drone Management Test.

Aviation International News (4/24) reports in continuing coverage that NASA on April 19 conducted simultaneous tests of multiple drones at six FAA-sponsored ranges throughout the United States. Mathew Nelson, one of the UAS pilots at the Texas site, said, “Using a traffic management framework to separate the aircraft and provide position awareness to air traffic control or to a mission commander helps us provide space between manned aircraft and unmanned aircraft and actually promotes the safety of integrating those two into the airspace.”

        NASA Has 24 Drones In Air Simultaneously. RT (4/21) reports NASA was testing drones simultaneously in “Alaska, Maryland, Nevada, New York, North Dakota and Virginia,” with the FAA having “up to 24 drones in the air at the same time during the testing.” Engadget (4/24) also reports on the story.

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