Napoleon’s Military Genius and Innovative Tactics 25 Points

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Napoleon’s Military Genius and Innovative Tactics

25 Points

There is no doubt that Napoleon Bonaparte as a genius that revolutionized French and European society. However, Napoleon is best known for changing the way WAR is fought, and in this assignment you will look at two innovative military tactics and/or techniques Napoleon either created or perfected.

You will begin by researching what Napoleon did that made him so successful on the battlefield that his Grand Armee controlled more land than Hitler’s army over 100 years later. Choose the two tactics that you believe were the most important reasons behind Napoleon’s military success and write a brief summary of each.

For each of these tactics you must:

  • Explain the tactic in writing. One paragraph for each.

  • Explain WHY you chose these two tactics as being most important to Napoleon’s military success.

  • Create a poster that includes a diagram of each tactic that shows the movement of troops and helps to explain what is happening on the battlefield.

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