Napoleon’s Greatest Gamble: The Invasion of Russia (1812) Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars vol. I

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8. Rally and Strategic Movement

8.1 Rally Disrupted units. Disrupted combat units in a stack in supply [Rule 6.1] to which a Supply Train counter has been allocated, may now be rallied to “good order” if accompanied by a Commander. The number of combat units which may be rallied is limited to the Commander’s Rating [CR]. If there is more than one (1) Commander present, their CRs may be aggregated for this purpose. The Supply Train counter is then removed from the stack.

8.2 Move units strategically. Next, players take it in turns to move strategically one (1) stack accompanied by a Commander to which a Supply Train counter has been allocated. The player with the highest number of Supply Trains per Table 7.3 (or Table 16.3) in Charts and Tables instigates the sequence (irrespective of any adjustment for existing Depots or by virtue of Rules 8.8, 16.1 or 16.7). A player continues to move stacks on his/her own if his/her opponent runs out of Supply Trains. After each move has been made the Supply tTrain counter is removed from the stack. A player may pass in this sequence, but in doing so he/she must “discard” one (1) genuine Supply Train counter.
8.3 An unit may only make one (1) strategic move during this phase.

8.4 Subject to the following restrictions, combat units may move along a contiguous route for a distance of up to three (3) hexes, two (2) in winter, or up to five (5) by virtue of forced marching. A “forced march” marker is placed upon units to signify this, and should not be removed until the end of the Combat phase [Rule 10.9].
The restrictions are as follows:

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