Napoleon’s Greatest Gamble: The Invasion of Russia (1812) Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars vol. I

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Occupying a hex

4.1 Each hex has a maximum capacity of six (6) friendly OFs. This limitation applies at all times; that is, a unit cannot move onto a hex in violation of the hex’s OF capacity in anticipation of it, and/or a piece already in the hex, moving off later in the Turn.

4.2 The number of friendly units which can attack a hex containing enemy unit(s) [Rule 11.1] cannot exceed the OF capacity of that hex ignoring defending OFs and the OFs of combat units supporting the attack from adjacent hexes [Rules 11.5 and 11.7].
4.3 An unit(s) occupying a hex can be subjected to sequential attacks. Rule 4.2 is applied separately to each attack.
4.4 Henceforth, the term ‘stack’ will be used to mean any number of units (from one to six (1 - 6)) occupying a given hex.

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