Napoleon’s Greatest Gamble: The Invasion of Russia (1812) Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars vol. I

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All combat units have their Corps designation printed on the left of the counter, but only those with the Corps designation in a rectangular box have a Corps Commander in play.

Some Commander counters do not have any letter or Roman numeral. These Commanders do not confer the benefits set out below and this Rule does not apply to them.

A “Guard” combat unit(s) may be commanded by any Commander to which this Rule applies. (Guard designations are included upon Commander counters purely to give historical flavour.)

Three Russian Army Commanders are designated “I” Bagration, Barclay de Tolly and Tormasov, but each may only confer the benefits of this Rule upon infantry units which are part of “his” army (as indicated by the number to the right of the “I”).

Play note: although Barclay de Tolly was nominally in overall command, in practice his authority was limited so no Russian Commander is designated “A” until the arrival of Kutuzov on Turn 6.


The benefits are conferred by virtue of the following amendments to the Basic Rules:

Rule 8.6: When a stack of combat units undertake a strategic move accompanied throughout by a Commander(s) who is/are able to command all of the combat units, the stack receives a modifier of minus one (-1) for the purposes of Rule 8.6.

Rules 11.5 and 11.7: When undertaking combat, the Commander Rating [CR] modifier to be applied is that of the Commander who is able to command the greatest number of combat units in the attacking/defending stack. The CR modifier is limited to the number of those combat units which he is able to command. If two (2) or more Commanders are able to command the same number of combat units, the CR of the most senior Commander (applying the sequence of A, I, C, Corps) is used. If the Commanders are of equal seniority, the owning player may decide which is senior.

16.3 The following Commanders are deployed at the start of the game in addition to those who feature in the Basic Rules. All have a CR of one (1).

Russian: Baggovout, Borosdin, Docturov, Raevsky, Schouwalov and Tuchkov. French: Reynier

16.4 Further to Advanced Rule 16.2, and in addition to their CRs, some Commanders have the following special characteristics. These apply only if and when the Commander is the senior Commander in a stack (applying the sequence A, I, C, Corps). If two or more Commanders are of equal seniority, the owning player may determine which is senior.

The Adjustments to CFs are deemed to occur immediately before the “combat sequence” begins: ie immediately before Rule 11.3.


Before the arrival of Kutuzov (Turn 6): if Bagration, Barclay de Tolly and/or Tormasov are stacked together, the CR of each leader is reduced to zero (0).

Further, any unit(s) stacked with one of these three commanders will not provide combat support [Rules 10.3 and 10.5] to a stack accompanied by one (or both) of the other two.
Units stacked with Constantine wishing to make a Strategic Move must throw 1xd6: a score of one or two (1 or 2) means that the move does not happen and the units (including Constantine) remain in situ.
When attacking, Platov increases by one (1) the CF of each cavalry unit in good order with which he is stacked.

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