Napoleon’s Greatest Gamble: The Invasion of Russia (1812) Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars vol. I

Cossack Activity and Reinforcements

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13. Cossack Activity and Reinforcements

13.1 The Russian player throws 1xd6 for each non-city hex in Russia occupied by a single French combat unit. A throw of six (6), or of five (5) or six (6) for Turn seven et seq, means that the unit suffers a “hit” [Rule 11.17] becoming disrupted or, if already disrupted, eliminated as a consequence of Cossack activity.

13.2 Finally, reinforcements arrive per Table 13.2 in Charts and Tables at the end of the Turn specified on the Table, and may move as normal during the following Turn. The player with the most Supply Trains per Table 7.3 in Charts and Tables deploys his/her reinforcements first.
13.3 Except for those which arrive in Austria (A), at the French player’s discretion, French reinforcements may arrive on any hex in territory to the west of Russia. The Russian reinforcements arrive at or adjacent to Kiev (K), St Petersburg (St P), or Kaluga (Kg). See legend to Table 13.2 for details.

Reinforcements may not be placed on a hex occupied by an enemy unit(s), nor on a hex immediately adjacent thereto, nor in contravention of Rule 4.1. If reinforcements cannot be placed when due they are deemed to have never arrived and are eliminated from the game.

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