Napoleon Timeline

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Napoleon Timeline

Plot these events on your timeline. Include the Event, the date, the definition of the event, and its historical significance. If I ask you to plot people – think about the person and how they contributed to the events we are discussing.

  • Louis XVI

  • Marie Antoinette

  • National Assembly

  • Tennis court oath

  • Storming of the Bastille

  • Great Fear

  • French Revolution

  • Robespierre

  • Reign of Terror

  • Execution of Robespierre

  • Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Coup d’etat

  • Coronation of Napoleon

  • Napoleonic Code

  • Napoleon sells U.S. territory

  • Annexation of Austrian Netherlands, parts of Italy, establishing govt in Switzerland

  • Battle of Trafalgar

  • Fall of French empire

  • Napoleons blockade

  • The peninsula war

  • Invasion of Russia

  • Waterloo

  • Congress of Vienna

In a paragraph on the back of your timeline summarize the lasting influence of Napoleon’s rise to power for France and the rest of Europe.

Download 11.73 Kb.

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