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Early Triumphs of Napoleon Bonaparte

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Early Triumphs of Napoleon Bonaparte

Joined French artillery corps as a lieutenant

Appointed commander at _____________ (1793)

British ships destroyed; British forced to evacuate; victory for Napoleon!

Appointed brigadier _____________________ at ______

Counter-revolution (1795)

"Whiff of Grapeshot“—saves the National Convention from rioters; Napoleon rewarded with command

Commander of small army (1796-1797) in ________________.

Defeat of 4 armies in Austria

____st coalition against France collapsed

_____________ status in France

Military strategy (____________, ______________) brilliant!

Egypt invaded (1798) in an indirect attack on England; English fleet under Lord Nelson sank the French fleet at the Battle of the Nile and forced Napoleon to flee Egypt. British win in Egypt, but Napoleon is still revered

2nd coalition formed (1799-1801)

Napoleon returned to France to seize even more power in a coup d’etat in 1799, effectively ending the French Revolution.

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