Napoleon Powerpoint Presentation Notes Packet Napoleons’ Rise to Power

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The Hundred Days (1815)

After Napoleon escaped from Elba and King Louis XVIII fled France, Napoleon ruled for short period (_____ days) and organized French army for war against the allies.

Battle of Waterloo (1815)—

Napoleon sought to split the ______________ and ___________________, destroy each army and then attack the ___________________.

Defeat in Belgium by the allies under the Duke of Wellington sealed Napoleon’s fate; he ________!

Napoleon was shipped to St __________________, a remote island in the South Atlantic, exiled until his death in_____________ from stomach cancer (although he may have been poisoned by arsenic)

1840—Napoleon’s remains moved to Paris; celebrated as a hero!

Napoleon was pivotal in developing the modern ____________-_____________!

The __________________ of Europe was the broad cooperation between Europe's great powers after 1815. Its purpose was to maintain the peace settlement concluded at the Congress of Vienna following the defeat of Napoleonic France. The Concert of Europe was also known as the _____________ System, and the person at the forefront of the Concert of Europe was Klemens Wenzel von ____________________ of Austria. Specifically, the aim of the Concert of Europe was for the leading nations in Europe - Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia - to work together to __________________ the outbreak of _____________________ in each nation.

The Congress of Vienna met for the purpose of restoring order to Europe.

Klemens von Metternich’s 3 goals:

1 Make sure the French would not attack another country again

2 He wanted a balance of power so no one country would be a threat to another.

3 He wanted to return legitimacy back to the kings Napoleon had driven out.

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