Name: wwii webQuest: Life on the Homefront

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WWII WebQuest: Life on the Homefront 

Welcome, to the 1940s.  The U.S. has entered World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Many people you know are overseas fighting in the war.  You are a teenager still at home with your family, and you have to help your mother take care of them.  Even though you are not fighting overseas, you are still part of the war effort on the American homefront.  When the U.S. entered the war, your life changed.  What could you do to help at home?  What sacrifices were you going to have to make for your country and your family?
This WebQuest will take you on a journey to the homefront of WWII to learn about what life was like for Americans during this turbulent time in history.  During this lesson, you will look at roles of women and what they did for their families and for their country, what children/teenagers did to contribute to the war effort, the implications of women in the workplace, and the sacrifices that Japanese-Americans had to make after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

You will examine different websites throughout this lesson, which will guide you in your search for completing this assignment. The main goal is to find out what life was typically like for Americans during WWII. Your task will be to answer the questions provided and to complete one of the RAFT activities suggested to you at the end of your WebQuest.


1) Take a look at the fads, music and radio, television, theatre and film, fashion, or any other section you are interested in. You might also like to see what toys children played with in the 1940s.

Directory: cms -> lib -> NC01001395 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 9810
Domain -> The Road to Civil War Ms Gwishiri
Domain -> Ap european History Leigh Munley Career Center High School, 2011-2012 Course Description and Objectives
Domain -> Essential Question InspirEd Unit: Pages/Notes
Domain -> -
Domain -> Heart of Darkness
Domain -> Directions: You may download these questions from my website and simply type your answers in the color of your choice, with a name and color legend. Section I
9810 -> How did the end of Reconstruction affect the South socially, politically, and economically?
9810 -> Progressive Reforms Research and Presentations Use the websites (on my teacher site) and the Orange Book (pgs. 142-158) to answer the following questions about each reform movement of the early 1800s. Reform Research
9810 -> Compare and contrast the boom of the 1920s and the bust of the 1930s
9810 -> Compare and contrast the boom of the 1920s and the bust of the 1930s

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