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Alcatraz – A Brief History

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Alcatraz – A Brief History

**Click on the Alcatraz- A brief History link at the left of the page.

  1. Paragraph 1 – Find the word “constrained.” What does it mean? Write a sentence using the word correctly.

  1. Paragraph 2 – What is the American penal system?

  1. Paragraph 3 – Today, approximately how many people visit Alcatraz each year?

  1. In 1775, which Spanish explorer named the island La Isla de los Alcatraces, or the “Island of the Pelicans”?

  1. Paragraph 5 – Why did the U.S. Army take notice of Alcatraz Island?

  1. Paragraph 8 – What does the word “captive” mean? Use it correctly in a sentence.

  1. Paragraph 8 – Why did the U.S. Army consider Alcatraz a good place to keep prisoners?

  1. Paragraph 14 – Why did the military decide to close the prison?

  1. Paragraph 14 – What was the cause of the surge of organized crime (mafia) in the 1920’s and 30’s?

  1. Paragraph 17 – List five ways Alcatraz was updated in 1934.

  1. Paragraph 18 – How many inmates would Alcatraz house?

  1. Paragraph 18 – Besides the many updates done to Alcatraz, why was Alcatraz good to hold America’s worst criminals?

**Click on the Next Page link at the bottom of the page.

  1. Paragraph 1 – Who was the new warden? Which other prisons did he work for?

  1. Paragraph 4,5 – Summarize the rights of the inmates at Alcatraz in three or more sentences.

  1. Paragraph 8 – What was a “fish”? How can you tell what it means by reading the paragraph?

  1. Paragraphs 9 – What does “It looks like Alcatraz has got me licked” mean?

  1. Paragraph 9 – Why wasn’t Capone’s stay at Alcatraz necessarily pleasant?

  1. Paragraph 9 – Did Capone finish his prison sentence at Alcatraz? If not, where?

  1. Paragraph 10 – When did George “Machine Gun” Kelly arrive at Alcatraz?

**Click on the Next Page link at the bottom of the page.

  1. Paragraph 1 – What was life like for a prisoner at Alcatraz?

  1. Paragraph 3 – Three hundred inmates were allowed at Alcatraz. How many guards were there?

  1. Paragraph 4 – Describe the silence policy at Alcatraz. How did it affect the prisoners?

  1. Paragraph 11, 12 – Describe how you would feel if you had to stay in the “Oriental.” Use facts from the paragraph to prove your point.

  1. Paragraph 13 – Describe “The Hole.”

**Click on the Next Page link at the bottom of the page.

  1. Paragraph 1 – How many years did “The Birdman of Alcatraz” spend on Alcatraz?

  1. Paragraph 6 – What interest did Stroud Leavenworth take up while on the island?

**Scroll down to Great Escapes.

  1. Paragraph 1 – How many attempted escapes were made from Alcatraz?

  1. Paragraph 5 – Describe “The most famous attempt” that starts in paragraph five and continues for two more paragraphs.

**Click on the Next Page link at the bottom of the page.

  1. List the reasons for the downfall of Alcatraz.

  1. How long was Alcatraz in operation?

  1. What happened after the government closed Alcatraz?

**Go to the bottom of the page and click Alcatraz Main Page. On the home page, click on the Famous Alcatraz Inmates link at the left of the page.

  1. Who are the four famous inmates this site mentions?

**Click on the Al Capone link at the left of the page.

  1. Paragraph 1 – What is “The Rock?”

  1. Paragraph 1 – Al Capone was the most famous criminal in Alcatraz. What evidence from this paragraph proves this statement?

  1. Paragraph 4-7 – List ten or more facts about Al Capone.

  1. Last Paragraph – Where and when did Al Capone die?

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