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Name: VISHNEVSKY Anatoly 

Date of birth: 01.04.1935 

Place of birth: Kharkov, USSR (Ukraine)
Nationality: Russian Federation 
Present address:  109028 Moscow, 11 Pokrovskiy boulevard, korpus D (office)

(495) 772 95 90*21 63 (office)


113208 Moscow, Sumskoj proezd 8-2-63 (home)

Phone: (495) 316 34 14
Marital status: married
Knowledge of languages: English and French.
Diploma of State University of Kharkov (1958)

Candidate's degree on economics (1968)

Doctor's degree on economics (1983)
Professional Experience from 1971
Present functions:
2007: Director of the Institute of Demography of the State University – Higher School of Economics.
Previous functions:
1971-1984 - Senior research associate, Department of demography in the Research Institute of the Central Statistical Board.

1984-1987 - Leading research associate, Department of demography in Institute for sociological studies of USSR Academy of Sciences.

1987-1988 - Chief research associate, Commission of USSR Academy of Sciences for study of productive forces and natural resources.

1988-1991 - Head of department of demography in the Institute for socio-economic studies of population of USSR Academy of Sciences and State Committee for Labour and Social Problems.

1991-1993 - Deputy Director of the Institute for Employment Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation, Director of the Centre for Demography and Human Ecology.

1993-2007 - Director of the Centre for Demography and Human Ecology of the Institute for Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Temporary functions:

Visiting Scientist

Ecole des Hautes Etudes des Sciences Sociales (Paris)

April 1991

Guest Professor

Institute of Political Sciences, University Lyon-2

February-April 1992,

February-April 1993

Guest Professor

University Paris-8

May-June 1994

Guest Professor

Institute of Political Sciences of Paris (SciencePo)

March-June 1995,

February-May 1996,

February-May 1997,

March-April 1998

March 2000

Visiting Scientist

Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques (INED), Paris

March-May 1999

April-July 2000


Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (1992)

International Union for Scientific Studies of Population (IUSSP)

European Association for Population Studies (EAPS)

Appointments (from 2000)

  • Member of the External Advisory Panel of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (2009-2011)

  • Member of the Committee for Development Policy (CDP) of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) (2007)

  • Member of the Commission of the State Statistics Service of Russian Federation for the population census 2010 (from 2007)

  • Member of the Advisory Committee of Experts of UNESCO for preparation of the World Report on cultural diversity (2006-2007)

  • Member of the Council on an international and defense policy (from 2005)

  • Member of the Scientific council of the Security Council of the Russian Federation (2003-2008)

  • Member of the Resource Group of the High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change established by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan (2004)

  • Member of the State commission on carrying out All-Russia Census 2002 (1999-2002)

  • Member of the Steering Committee of the program of UNESCO " MOST " (Management of Social Transformations) (2000-2002)

  • Member of Scientific council of INTAS (International Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union) (2000-2002)

Editorial activities

Editor-in-chief of the bulletin “Naselenie i obshchestvo” (“Population and Society”), Moscow, 1994 –2007.

Editor-in-chief of the Internet Journal “Demoscope Weekly” (in Russian), Moscow, 2001 –
Main fields of scientific interests
Population and development; Global population growth and its consequences; Demographic transition in Russia, in the former Soviet Union and in the World; Social consequences of demographic processes; Family evolution and family policy.

380 publications including:
In Russian:
- Demographic Revolution. Moscow, 1976, 240 p.

- World Demographic Explosion and Its Problems. Moscow, 1978, 63 p.

- Human Reproduction and Society. Moscow, 1982, 287 p.

- Reproduction of Population of the USSR. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky and A. Volkov. Moscow, 1983, 303 p.

- The Sickle and the Rouble. The Conservative Modernisation in the USSR. Moscow, 1998, 2010, 430 p.

- Selected demographic works. Vol. I. Demographic theory and demographic history. Moscow, “Nauka” (“Science”), 2005, 367 p. Vol. II. Economic demography. The analysis of demographic processes. Moscow, “Nauka” (“Science”), 2005, 383 p.

- Russian or Prussian? Reflections of the period of transition. Moscow, Higher School of Economics, 2006, 383 p.

- Demographic modernization of Russia, 1900-2000. Ed. By A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, Novoje izdatelstvo, 2006, 608 p.

- Russia facing a demographic choice. Speeches and interviews. Moscow, Higher School of Economics, 2007, 299 p.
Population of Russia. Fifteen annual reports (1993-2007)

- Population of Russia 1993. The first annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky and S. Zakharov. Moscow, 1993, 87 p.

- Population of Russia 1994. The second annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 1994, 166 p.

- Population of Russia 1995. The third annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 1996, 112 p.

- Population of Russia: 1996. The fourth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 1997, 166 p.

- Mortality in Russia: Main Risk Groups and Priorities of Action. Carnegie endowment for international peace, Moscow Center. Scientific Reports, 19, 1997, 84 p. In collaboration with V. Shkolnikov.

- Population of Russia: 1997. The fifth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 1998, 144 p.

- Population of Russia: 1998. The sixth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 1998, 144 p.

- Population of Russia: 1999. The seventh annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2000, 175 p.

- Population of Russia: 2000. The eighth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2001, 174 p.

- Population of Russia: 2001. The ninth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2002, 215 p.

- Population of Russia: 2002. The tenth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2004, 223 p.

- Population of Russia: 2003-2004. The eleventh and twelfth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2006, 356 p.

- Population of Russia: 2005. The thirteenth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2007, 245 p.

- Population of Russia: 2006. The fourteenth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2008, 299 p.

- Population of Russia: 2007. The fifteenth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2009, 296 p.

- Population of Russia: 2008. The sixteenth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2009, 296 p.

- Population of Russia: 2009. The seventeenth annual report. Collective monograph ed. by A. Vishnevsky. Moscow, 2009, 296 p.

In English and in French :

- La faucille et le rouble. La modernisation conservatrice en U.R.S.S. Paris, Gallimard, 2000, 465 pp.)

- Russia facing demographic challenges // National Human Development Report. Russian Federation. Chief authors: Anatoly G. Vishnevsky and Sergei N. Bobylev. UNDP, Moscow, 2009: 188 p. (in Russian and in English)

The articles in English, in French and in German:

- Demographic Revolution. Population Problems. Issue Two. Problems of the Contemporary World, Moscow, 1974, 1(26), p. 116-129.

- Révolution démographique. Problèmes de la population. Problèmes du monde contemporain, Moscou, 1974, 1(25), p. 121-133.

- Die demographische Revolution. - Theorie und Methode III. Demographie. Einfürung in die marxistische Bevölkerungs-wissenschaft. Frankfurt am Main, 1980, S.41-51.

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affairs council : April, 24, 2013

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