Name: Text-Book Scavenger Hunt

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Text-Book Scavenger Hunt

Find the answers to these questions in your new social studies text book! Be sure to use sections such as: glossary, index, table of contents, etc.

  1. What is the definition of the word, armada?


What page did you find the definition on?__________________

  1. What is the title of Unit 2, Chapter 4? _________________________________________

  2. In what year was Quebec founded? (Hint: The answer can be found in Chapter 4, Lesson 1) _______________

  3. On what pages could you find information about the Puritans? ________________

  4. On what page does Chapter 8, The War for Independence, begin? ______________

  5. Where in New England did the Pequots live? (Hint: Look in Chapter 5, Lesson 2) ______________________________

  6. What does the word treason mean? ________________________________________________________________________

  7. What is Paul Revere famous for? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  8. How many weeks did it take Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence? (Hint: see page 264). _______________________

  9. During what years was the Revolutionary War fought? (Hint: see Chapter 8, Lesson 2)


  1. What is the copyright date of this textbook? ____________ Why is this important? __________________________________________________________________.

  2. Look at the INDEX in the back of the book. What page does it start on? _________ How is the index helpful? When may you use it? _____________________________________


  1. What is a primary source? _____________________________________________


  1. How would you explain a biographical dictionary? (Hint: refer to page R36). ________

______________________________________________________________________. Provide an example of someone mentioned in the biographical dictionary: ____________


  1. Find a map and write down the following:

    1. Title _________________________________

    2. Page number __________________________

    3. One thing you learned _______________________________________________

This year we will be studying Chapters 4-10. Peruse these chapters.

  1. What is something you are excited to learn about this year in Social Studies? ________________________________________________________________________

  2. Write down any wonderings/questions you have this year about Social Studies?

Download 16.17 Kb.

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