Name Sitting Bull and the Sioux Wars

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Sitting Bull and the Sioux Wars
1). What animal did the Europeans introduce to the Sioux?

2). What do the Sioux call the horse?

3). The horse allowed the Sioux to hunt what other animal?

4). The Sioux’s ancestral lands were in what state?

5). What did the Sioux call themselves?

6). What was the Sioux’s yearly religious sacrifice?

7). What trail to Montana lead right through Sioux lands?

8). What Sioux chief began raiding forts because Sioux land was being stolen?

9). What American commander was massacred by Red Cloud?

10). Originally, the Sioux reservation encompassed half of what state?

11). What did the Sioux call Custer?

12). Did the Sioux value gold: Yes or No?

13). What was Sitting Bull called as a child?

14). How many pieces of his own flesh did Sitting Bull have cut out during a sun dance?

15). Where did Sitting Bull engage Custer’s cavalry?

16). How long did the Battle of Little Big Horn take?

17). Was Sitting Bull a chief or a medicine man?

18). Who led the Sioux at the Little Big Horn

19). What civil war general used the “scorched earth” tactic against the Sioux?

20). What Sioux chief surrendered?

21). Who did Sitting Bull tour with and how much was he paid?

22). What dance did the Native Americans believe would help them fight against the whites?

23). What did the Sioux believe their ghost shirts would do?

24). Who shot Sitting Bull?

25). Where was the site of the greatest Native American massacre?

26). How many died at Wounded Knee? How long did the corpses sit there?

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