Name: Simon O’Dwyer Researcher, manufacturer, composer and player of the prehistoric musical instruments of Ireland. Address

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Released album ‘Interaction’ with Solid Records in Dublin. Featuring Bronze Age horns and bells of Ireland, England and Scotland. October 1994
Released album ‘Coirn na hEireann’ – ‘Horns of Ancient Ireland’. Recorded and composed by Simon O’Dwyer on original Bronze Age instruments at the National Museum of Ireland. June 1994

Released album with Australian Record Company – Natural Symphonies - called ‘Two Stories in One’, featuring the Bronze Age horns and bells of Ireland. April 1993

Released - Dord – 1st Album featuring the Bronze Age horns of Ireland. December 1990

Recordings that prehistoric instruments feature on -

Bronze Age horn – an dord íseal played on album for the opening of the newly refurbished Ardfert Cathedral, Co. Kerry. Music composed by Fergus Johnston, album entitled Ard Fearta. April 2001

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