Name: Simon O’Dwyer Researcher, manufacturer, composer and player of the prehistoric musical instruments of Ireland. Address

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Recordings - Albums to date

Most recent album – ‘Sounds of Prehistoric Ireland’. Released alongside my new book ‘Prehistoric Music of Ireland’. Tempus Publishing, Stroud, England. March 2005.

Old to New’ – album featuring the musical instruments from Ireland’s prehistory from the Bronze Age through the Iron Age and into Medieval times. Section one features studio recordings. Section two features live concert at the Sound Symposium, Newfoundland, Canada – July 2002. Released in November 2003.

Recorded on –‘Sounds of the Ancient World’- in conjunction with Kilmartin House Trust in Scotland and KPM Music in London. November 1998

Recorded on – The Kilmartin Sessions –‘Sounds of Ancient Scotland’. – Featuring Bronze Age horns and bells of Ireland, England and Scotland. Harmonic singing. October 1997

Released Live Album in Germany – Reconciliation –‘Live One’, featuring Bronze Age horns and bells of Ireland, Scotland and England. April 1996

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