Name: Simon O’Dwyer Researcher, manufacturer, composer and player of the prehistoric musical instruments of Ireland. Address

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R.T.E. Radio 1 – ‘Just the Job’ with Mícheál Holmes.

Interview about the work of Prehistoric Music Ireland. June 2001.

R.T.E. Irish Radio Archives – Tony McMahon, interviewed and recorded music of Prehistoric Music Ireland for archival purposes. July 2000.

Music performed by Prehistoric Music Ireland – composed by Michael Holohan for the Paul Durkin poem ‘A Snail in My Prime’. (recited by Paul Durcan). December 2000.

Repeat of above performance. March 2001.

Television appearances

Late Late Show – R.T.E. Irish Television. Launching ‘Prehistoric Music of Ireland’ publication. December 2004.

Euro News – Featured the prehistoric musical instruments as part of the opening of European Heritage Day in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. September 2003.
Late Late Show – R.T.E. Irish Television. Featuring the Trumpa Créda, Bronze Age horn, Scottish Carnyx and Bodhrán. February 1998.
UTV – Ulster Television News. Featuring the launch of the first reproduction of the Trumpa Créda – Iron Age trumpet from Loughnashade, Co. Armagh. February 1998.

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