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Rise of Hitler Webquest

The Holocaust was a terrible and tragic time in modern history during which millions of people were systematically destroyed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. These people were targeted by the because of their beliefs, background, heritage, and/or their lifestyle.

We are studying the Holocaust to remember the horror and destruction that evil will do when given the opportunity.

This WebQuest will provide you with essential background knowledge to help you understand how the NSDAP came to power.
The Task
Your task is to explore the websites on each page so that you may better understand the events and people that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazism.
The Process
This WebQuest is broken down into 4 different sections. For each section, you must visit a separate website to find the information needed to properly answer each question. The websites are on this handout, and are also on my website (access links by clicking on the homework assignment titled “Rise of Hitler WebQuest.”)
Please visit all links and answer all questions in your note packet fully and in complete sentences.
This WebQuest will be evaluated based on the quality and completeness of the answers in your companion note packet. 

You will also be graded on the test that follows the completion of the WebQuest.

Germany Post-World War I

What were the social consequences of World War I for Germany?

What were the economic consequences of World War I for Germany?

What political changes occurred in Germany after World War I?

During World War I, Germany lost an estimated 1.7 million young men.

How do you think this affected the country of Germany?

Treaty of Versailles

Discuss some of the negative repercussions that the Treaty of Versailles had on Germany.

Rise of Nazism/Racial Theories of Nazis/Anti-Jewish Policies

(Read page 47-50)

According to this website, what factors contributed to make

the horrific events of the Holocaust possible?

Why did the political, economic, and social state of Germany after World War I

allow Hitler to gain such extensive political power?

Describe the racial theories of the Nazis.

Throughout history, has any other group or groups had similar theories about race?

Give one example.

List several anti-Jew policies set in place by the Nazis.

How did these policies serve weaken the Jewish population of Germany?

Adolf’s Rise to Power,29307,1707887,00.html

What characteristics and talents made Adolf Hitler a popular leader?

How did Adolf Hitler gain control of the German military?

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