Name: Period: Unit I: Enlightenment

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Unit I: Enlightenment

French Revolution Video

As you watch the video documentary from the History Channel, answer the following questions.

  1. What would the new republic be born in? Blood

2. What would the French Revolution bring to the poor? Bread, Inclusion, freedom from heavy taxes and political empowerment

3. What was Robespierre called?

The Incorruptable

4. What was Robespierre's weapon?

His words

5. How many miles is Versailles from Paris? 9

6. How old was Louis Capet on the eve of his wedding? 15

7. What are some the words used to describe Louis?

Fat, ill-bred

8. Where was Louis's bride from? Austria

9. How old was Marie Antoinette on her wedding? 14

10. What has the neglect of the French monarchy left the French people?

Starving and Poor

11. What is growing bigger every day? deficit

12. How does Louis XV die? Smallpox

13. How old was Louis when he became king? 20

14. What "above all" did Rousseau, Voltaire champion?

Liberty and Equality

15. How much French money did Louis give the American Revolution?

2,000 million livres

16. What was Marie obsessed with? fashion

17. What is the job of the queen?

To produce a male heir

18. How many children to Louis and Marie have? 4

19. How much bread did the average person eat per day? 2 lbs

20. How much did a loaf of bread soon cost?

1 month’s pay

21. What do Robespierre and the third estate demand from the First and Second Estates?

Call an Estates-General with equal voting, pay taxes, ensure adequate food supply

22. How many of the king's troops had moved into Paris by July? 30,000

23. What colors are in the "tri-color"?

Blue, White, Red

24. What did they do with the head of the governor of the Bastille?

Put it on a pike

25. What does Louis XVI write in his diary on July 14, the day of the Storming of the

Bastille? Nothing

26. What do they do to the Bastille after the people's victory?

Tear it down

27. Who was not mentioned in the Declaration of the Rights of Man?

The King

28. What is the Marat answer to the people who are against the revolution?


29. What were the women protesting about on October 5?

Shortage of Bread

30. What did Marie Antoinette supposedly say when she heard about the women protesting?

Let them eat cake” (she never really said this)

31. How many people were camped outside the palace by morning?20,000Name: Period:

Unit I: Enlightenment

32. Who did the people storming the palace want to get?

The King

33. When they leave Versailles with the royal carriage, how many people are there?60,000

34. What had the people done with the king's guards? Killed them

35. What type of government does France now have? Constitutional Monarchy

36. Where do the king and queen get caught when they try to escape? Varennes

37. What does Robespierre rail against?

The Death Penalty

38. What is the nickname of the guillotine?

The National Razor

39. Who does the Assembly want to the declare war against? Austria

40. Who else joined in the invasion against the France? Prussia

41. What type of government does France take after the attack on Louis's guards? Republic

42. What did the skilled workers refuse to wear?

Knee Breeches (Sans-Culottes)

43. What does Marat want the people to do the political prisoners?

Kill Them

44. How many people were killed during the September Massacres? 1,600

45. What is the usual penalty for treason? Death

46. What does Louis trust that his death will be for? Happiness of France

47. How many heads did Marat now want to fall? 200,000

48. What did Charlotte Cordae hope to achieve by murdering Marat? Peace

49. How old is Marie Antoinette when she is placed on trial? 38

50. What is the final charge at Marie's trial? incest

51. What sentence did Marie Antoinette receive? death

52. How was Marie taken to the guillotine?

Open cart, common prisoners cart

53. How did the Committee of Public Safety rule France, as a collective what? Dictatorship

54. Who did they have to stamp out the power of?

The Church

55. How many days were in a week on the revolutionary calendar? 10

56. Who is the brilliant new commander of the French army? Napoleon

57. What is the new type of government does Robespierre want to start? A Republic of


58. How many executions were happening per month in Paris during the "Great Terror"? 800

59. What is the name of the festival that Robespierre celebrated forming a new religion?

The Festival of the Supreme Being

60. What happened to Robespierre when he tried to commit suicide?

He shot himself in the jaw and was unable to speak

61. What day was Robespierre executed?

July 27th, 1793

62. What is the question raised by the French Revolution?

How much violence is acceptable when reforming society?

63. What are the three words that the French Revolution stood for?

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

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