Name Period Social Issues of 1920s vs. Current Issues Document Based Question Summary

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Social Issues of 1920s vs. Current Issues Document Based Question

In this document based question, you will compare and contrast the social issues of 1920s and the current issues of our society. You will examine the following documents on the 1920s social issues of divorce, birth control, drugs & alcohol, and racism & nativism. You will then write a comparison essay on the social issues.


The first thing you will want to do is go through and read each document. When looking at each document highlight or underline who the author is and note who their audience and message are. Highlight or underline things you don’t understand, and things you think are important. After reading each document answer the questions that follow. Once you have read each document and answered the questions, you will then write a short essay where you will state your opinion and support it with facts. The essay will answer the following question:

How do the social issues of the 1920’s compare and contrast to current issues today?

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