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Cold War in America

  • At the end of World War II, the United States and the USSR emerged as the world’s major powers. They also became involved in the ____________, a state of hostility (short of direct military conflict) between the two nations.

  • Many Americans feared not only ___________________ around the world but also disloyalty at home. Suspicion about Communist infiltration of the government

  • A lot of Americans thought the Soviets got the atomic bomb by using spies. Even worse, these spies supposedly were hardly ever Russians themselves, but often __________________________, the kind of people you see every day on the street and hardly even notice.

  • a Communist could be anybody. It sort of makes a Communist sound like the bogey-man, doesn’t it? To many people in 1953, a Communist was just as scary as the bogey-man, and a lot more real.

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