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Hitler has made himself dictator of Germany. He has gone against the Treaty of Versailles and has militarized Germany. Hitler has now made alliances with Italy and Japan, both being ruled by dictators who support fascism. He intends to takeover other countries of German ancestry in order to unify the German speaking world. However, these countries are sovereign nations that don’t want to be ruled by Germany.

You are Great Britain, the one superpower that actually has the means to at least stand up against Germany. However, the end of WWI and the Great Depression has left your country and most of Western Europe in ruin. You don’t want to fight, and you are unsure if Hitler will invade other countries after he gains the German ones. The U.S. has decided to stay out of foreign affairs because of the Neutrality Acts, and the League of Nations has no real military force. There are only two options, either give in to Hitler’s demands, or stop him with force

The first thing you must do is come up with 2 reasons why appeasement is a good option, and 2 reasons why appeasement is a bad option.

Appeasement is Good

Appeasement is Bad





What would you do?:

You as Great Britain have looked at the different circumstances and outcomes that would happen if you either appeased to Hitler or stopped him before he took too much land. Now you must come up with your own decision.

In at least 3 sentences, write down what you would do. Would you appease to Hitler, or would you try and stop him. Explain you’re answer.

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